Thursday, May 28, 2015

A New Beginning

Something good happened. Finally. I recently applied for an artist residency in Union City, Indiana. A brand new program where they are inviting four emerging artists to live in a rent free apartment, have a shared studio space, work part time in the town and on a to be determined community project, and make art. It's like a dream come true. Ever since my visit (and interview) in April where I was very impressed by its potential and everything going on, I was excited and anxiously hoping I would get this opportunity. And I did! I'm feeling so hopeful and so very ready for this new beginning. It could not come at a better time. Unfortunately, I was too nervous during the interview, so I don't have any photos at the moment. But for those wondering where Union City is, here you go:

And yes, it's a small town. But it's full of so much potential. Here's hoping I'll get the room painted my favorite shade of red. A part of me may have taken that as a sign (silly, I know). The more I think about red, the more I feel like Maggie Nelson.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

After the rain...

I'm still going through the photos (and making notes for the next time), but I thought I would share my favorite of what I've edited so far with Hannah. This is after it rained and the wind swept petals across the mirrors.

Hopefully something interesting like the petals will happen for the next time (and when I have a wider lens for my nice camera). I would love to do this during winter too, but that would be slightly more difficult. Hannah has already offered to lay in the snow. Sometimes I think she's crazier than I am. Maybe it will happen. I'll just have to buy her lots of hot chocolate.