Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mirrors and Wings

One of my current projects at the moment has involved breaking mirrors and a lot of strong words in the process. The end goal right now is to create a photograph with my friend, Hannah, as a model. Perhaps it will turn into something else as I go along. Here's the initial sketch:

The scale is approximately 9' long and 3' wide. I've had this idea for a while now, I think since high school, but didn't have the time or the drive to do it while I was in college. But it was always in the back of my mind. When I shared this sketch with Jacinda, she reminded me of this sculpture that I'd seen before (probably in one of her lectures) and had forgotten by Anselm Kiefer, Book With Wings.

I happened to find two 3' x 3' mirrors with someone's trash on the street where my parents live. The reflection of the sun caught my eye as I was backing out of the driveway. The mirrors would remain in my trunk for a few years. Until recently.

I learned, especially with these mirrors that were 1/4" thick, all the right and wrong ways to break mirror. It did not break exactly how I wanted, so I had to improvise. And only nicked myself once in the process. Surprisingly. Here's the rough layout at the moment:

Hopefully I'll be able to do a test run before Hannah arrives at the end of the month for a much needed visit.

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