Sunday, July 12, 2015

Settling in and a show

I've been adjusting to Union City. Not bad for a small town. Except for the trains, which are constant and loud and make it difficult to sleep at night. Hopefully I'll get used to them soon. I've been staying busy and making things.

I started my job for the city. I'm working as the lab tech at the sewage treatment plant, which isn't as terrible as it sounds. Surprisingly. I'll admit, I was worried at first. But I get to drive a golf cart around like a grandma, gather water samples, and then do a bunch of tests in the lab. Apparently I have a knack for lab work. Must be my love for the dark room. At least I have time to make art and don't have to pay rent. Can't beat that.

Here's the studio space. Still pretty raw space right now. A lot of things have been up in the air with this program, but I have plans to use this space as a temporary gallery and curate a group show for the Union City Arts Festival on September 11-12.

Speaking of shows, I just installed my ongoing project, Doubts at the Central Public Library in Madison, WI this past Friday. A bit of a drive, but everything went smoothly. For the most part. Except for driving through Chicago. I'm so glad it's up and out of the way. It will be on display until September 25th.

There was also some awesome work on the other floors by artists Jeremy Wineberg and Luke Johnson.  I love the library and all that they're doing with art. And Madison is pretty nice. I wouldn't mind living there. Planning on spending more time there when I go back to pick up my work.

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