Thursday, August 13, 2015

Working on Things

I am excited and preparing for my first curated show, "The Fiercest Light" which is happening during the Union City Arts Festival on September 11-12. The opening reception will be Friday, September 11 from 5-9 pm. It's going to be in Afterimage Studios (still in the process of creating a sign, and yes, I named it!) and it will be the first show in the artist studio as part of my residency. Already have a few submissions and can't wait to see more. Deadline to submit is August 24!
I'm the boss and you're my bitch by Hannah Backer

"The Fiercest Light" will also feature video projections around town Friday evening, thanks to the help of my lovely video professor Maura Jasper. I'm hoping to do one as well if I can manage it. We shall see.

 In the meantime, here are a few images from my job as a lab tech at the Union City Wastewater Treatment Plant:

There's a snake in the one on the right above, can you see it?

I'm taking pictures of what I do (and lots of spider webs) and posting them to Instagram as a challenge to see if I can make art about a sewage treatment plant. Already have a few ideas involving specimen bottles now (I blame Jacinda's influence).

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